How to get Accommodations for Learning Disabilities on the SAT Test

The College Board provides accommodations to students with documented disabilities. These accommodations can include wheelchair accessibility, special seating arrangements, different test formats, large print, extra time, use of a computer and more. There is a comprehensive application process, which includes detailed information on eligibility and review guidelines. To apply for an accommodation through the College Board a student must have a documented disability that will impact their ability to take a test like the SAT.

It is important to note that just because a student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or other accommodation at school, they will not automatically receive an accommodation on the SAT test and must still apply. Thus, to receive an accommodation on the SAT test, the College Board requires that the disability that the student has will impact their test taking – this is different level of evidence required than attaining accommodations at the student’s school.

How long does it take to get Accommodations and when is the Application Deadline to Apply?

Please be mindful that the College Board requires a thorough review process before granting special accommodations. They indicate that it takes about seven weeks to review requests, so it is very important to pay close attention to the deadlines provided. You can review these Students with Disabilities Deadlines at:

What Documentation is required?

Some, but not all requests will require documentation. The College Board has posted information regarding when a student might be required to provide documentation with their requests at this page:

Important information to review on how to apply for accommodations through the College Board for the SAT Test:

Overview of the College Board organization’s Accommodations for students with disabilities

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How to Apply for Accommodations

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How to Request Accommodations on the SAT through a school Verification

How to Get Accommodations on the ACT Test

ACT, Inc., the organization that offers the ACT test says that they are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students that are appropriate to their diagnosis. Similar to the SAT, the ACT organization requires documentation that demonstrates not only that a student has a particular disability, but how that disability will impact their ability to take the ACT Test.

A request for accommodations on the ACT must include documentation from a qualified Diagnostician. The documentation must be current, which is defined by the ACT as diagnosed or reconfirmed within the past three academic years. The documentation must also include a substantiation of diagnosis, which is a comprehensive evaluation with objective evidence of the impairment causing the limitation. Finally, the request must include recommendations for specific accommodations and how those accommodations will alleviate the disability when taking the ACT test. Complete information can be found at:

How to Apply for Accommodations on the ACT Test

Testing accommodations and its review and application process is explained in the two documents listed below, which are published each year by the ACT, Inc.

Extended Time Testing on National Test Dates (PDF)

Other Requests for ACT Special Testing (PDF)