SAT / ACT Test Prep Class

Specialized Prep is a test prep course designed for students with different learning styles and challenges. The course prepares students for the SAT or ACT test.

Specialized Prep provides a custom, one-on-one SAT or ACT preparation course, designed specifically for students of all learning profiles including diagnoses of dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and processing disorders.

Each of our Specialized Prep students has an individualized plan depending on your preferred level of preparation. Throughout the course, a Specialized Prep instructor becomes the student’s coach, monitoring his/her progress and checking in regularly to ensure each student is tracking to plan. Specialized Prep's test preparation course is proudly delivered by TutaPoint, an award-winning online tutoring company.

Upon registering one of our representatives will contact you to schedule session dates and times.

Complete course: $525

Each SAT / ACT Test Prep Course Includes:

  • Three hours live, one-on-one, on-line tutoring sessions
  • Coached access to our test-prep curriculum including: workbook, lessons, drills, videos, practice tests, and more
  • Instructor support throughout
  • Private tutoring available

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